little girl overseas

i always dreamed about travelling overseas since i was a little girl and it truely has been the best thing i have ever done. i've grown in ways i would never have dreamed, seen some extraordinary places and met some wicked people ... dream it, do it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WHATS going on in my world at the moment .......
Due to our landlord putting the rent up by £300 a month, Kelly and I have been looking for a new place. We thought it would be easy enough to find a 2 bedroom place but we found as soon as they had been advertised they were taken pretty much immediately, so we decided to take on a 3 bedroom place and get fit single guy in so that he can bring all his fit single friends over (great plan). For the amount that we could afford we were finding that the places were nowhere near the standard of the place we were in now. For what we were paying this place really was a gem, no wonder the rent was going up so much! Last Wednesday viewed a property which was about a 5 min walk from Wimbledon, it was a 3 bedroom and was in the process of getting a new bathroom and kitchen fitted. As we wandered around I managed to fall down the stairs in the bathroom and badly sprain my ankle - Kelly said it was the funniest thing she had seen as happened in slow and instead of me standing up I crawled across the floor as was too painful to put weight on it. I actually thought I had broken it for a minute as felt it crack as I went down - but its just about better now. We decided to take the property and then upon deciding the real estate agent said "oh you will have to put in a higher offer as someone has already put in an offer, and it would be 2 year lease". Yeah right, its not a hand of poker mate, there will be no upping the stakes it truely isnt worth it. The following night we viewed a property that we both quite liked except for the fact that it was in an estate with kids in hoodies riding their bikes around, it just didn't feel safe at all. Then on Friday when we had just about given up hope, we found it ..... a real gem amongst the stones. Its about 2 minutes from where I used to live when I first arrived 3 years ago in Colliers Wood. There was these little signs that the place was meant to be ours - the landlords name is similar to ours now, the road is my friends surname and of course it was still available when we got there. So all going to plan, we will be moving into it at end of the month wahoooooooo.
Decided a wee while ago that it was time to get my eyes tested as by the end of the day my eyes were really sore and my head swimming. Sure enough and £200 lighter I have now have not 1 but 2 new pairs of glasses. 2 because they had a 2 for 1 on designer glasses ... great timing for me aye. Has made a huge difference can't believe how much my sight has changed in 2 years mmmm.
Just under 2 weeks now until Ruth and Ant become parents. Yep, me an Aunty and a real one at that.. I cannot wait. Ruth looks just gorgeous, she is all baby, love getting updates and pictures of her. One month today and Ma / Pa arrive for 6 weeks, I really cannot wait to have the biggest cuddle in history from them, been over 18 months since I last saw them - too long!! They have a wicked trip planned and I have taken 1 week off end of November to spend with them in Spain for my birthday, then 10 days off just before Christmas. I've booked us to fly into Munich for the Christmas Markets and then make our way over to Prague and spend Christmas - fingers crossed a white one there. Heidi is coming with me for the November trip and Kelly for the December trip, so will be nice for Ma/Pa to get to know my friends whom I spend so much of my time with here.