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i always dreamed about travelling overseas since i was a little girl and it truely has been the best thing i have ever done. i've grown in ways i would never have dreamed, seen some extraordinary places and met some wicked people ... dream it, do it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

been awhile since i last blogged .. mm where to start. August I went to Egypt with Kelly for 2 weeks, definately recommend going maybe just not at that time of year. Its like being in an oven with no escape even in the shade. Our guide Hani was brilliant and so passionate about Egyptology that you soon craved to know more and more. I finally got my dream of me with a camel with the pyramids in the background at sunrise (not sunset like I had dreamt of).

Little Bean turned 1 in October, scarey how fast that year has gone. He is now talking and walking - ma/pa put him on webcam for me so I can pull faces at him, he has a silly Aunty heee hee. Just hoping he will recognise me when he sees me again.

A few of my friends travelled home for good end of the year, which was a bit sad but exciting for them. All new adventures for them to discover. I still wonder when I head home and as I always say to myself ... end of next year .... one day I know that when I say that it will feel like its sits right and I will just know !!

Christmas was a little wild, had an orphan one with some friends from work. Was 2 days of heavy drinking, eating, napping, watching movies and dancing around to music. Unfortuantely no snow .... does it even snow in London at Christmas though.

New Years the Minowski gals went to Las Vegas .. Kelly also celebrated her birthday whilst we were there. I had terrible jet lag the 1st day urgh ... or could be old age starting to kick in?? We dressed as little bunnies and had singlets made up for Kellys birthday and went to the Palms hotel as Kelly is absolutely obssessed with "the Girls of the Playboy Mansion". New Years we went down to the Belagio dressed as "little devils" and spent the night on the strip with what seemed like 2 million others. The fireworks werent as great as I thought they would be and only went for about 5 minutes. I was pretty cold, colder than London at night but not so bad during the day. Our hotel New York New York was pretty cool, the inside where the casino was, was themed as Central Park, all the restaurants were in a little cobbled street area it was well cool.

Been up to Aberdeen a couple of times to see JP play in his band The Lorelei... I have turned into a little groupie. The band are great guys as are their wives and wee ones. It snowed on the 2nd trip which turned me into a little kid.

Thats it in a brief nutshell..... till next time.


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